Modification of the Public Health Code

As part of the legal watch and the modification of the Public Health Code, we inform you that article L.3335-1 of the CSP (see document below) has been modified as follows : Removal of places of worship and cemeteries from the list of establishments covered by protected areas. However, remain the establishments mentioned in 1 °, 2° and 3 ° provided for by the reference article. Their protection zone has changed from 20 meters to 50 meters around these establishments since the transition to the current format of the new municipality (+ of 2001 residents).
After verification with the Prefect's office, we are reminded that this also concerns the interior of buildings and establishments, this in order to fight against addictions and alcoholism. In fact the sporting rights-of-way (club house, gymnasium, etc…), preschool, primary and college, CLSH, EHPAD, are not authorized to be issued a temporary debit for the sale of alcohol.