Aid systems for businesses

Aid systems for businesses facing the looming serious economic crisis, the state and communities have initiated several mechanisms to help traders, artisans and very small businesses.

The state (with the financial support of the Regions) set up the National Solidarity Fund.

Shutter 1 : initial state aid of 1 500 € (request for help to renew each month)

Beneficiaries : Being a trader, artisan, liberal profession, or other economic agent, and to have:
– a workforce less than or equal to 10 employees and ;
– a turnover of less than 1 million € during the last closed financial year and ;
– a taxable profit not exceeding 60 000 € ;

Have suffered one of the following injuries : 

– a ban on welcoming the public (administrative closure- ex hairdressers) 
– or at least one loss 50 % in turnover in March / avril 2020 (compared to the same month of 2019)- ex : food professions (bakers, butchers ...) which have remained open but whose activity has significantly decreased

Shutter 2 : regional aid for the hardest hit companies

Beneficiaries : TPE are concerned, artisans and traders ... whose annual turnover is less than 1 million euros before tax and an annual taxable profit of less than 60 000 €.

Eligibility criteria :   They must also meet the following conditions : 

– they benefited from the component 1 of the national solidarity fund (see above) 
– they employ on March 1st 2020 at least 1 employee (in CDD or CDI) 
– they find it impossible to settle their debts due in the 30 days and their fixed charges (including rent) 
– they saw their application for a cash loan refused or remained unanswered after a period of 10 days

Amount and terms of aid : The aid takes the form of a grant of 2 000 € to 5 000 €, depending on the cash flow deficit and the company's turnover
The company must submit its application before 31 May 2020 on the dedicated https portal://
The request must be accompanied by the following elements :
– a cash flow plan 30 days
– the loan amount refused, the name of the bank and the contact details of its contact person within the banking organization. After instruction, the aid is paid in 1 times by the DGFIP.

For companies that were unable to access this fund and that have 0 at 2 employees, the Region has proposed a Region-EPCI Fund named Impulsion Relance Normandie (see attached flyer)   

Eligibility criteria :

– very small businesses, tradespeople, artisans and other independent workers including 0 at 2 employees, who will not have benefited from the National Solidarity Fund (FNS) nor the support of the Social Protection Council for Self-Employed Workers ;   

– very small businesses, traders and artisans who have lost at least 30% of their turnover in April 2020 compared to April 2019    

– VSEs created less than a year ago, including those created very recently.

The takeover of recent businesses will thus be taken into account (buyout of business) whatever the recovery date (the proof of loss of turnover will be made on the CA of the predecessor).   

Amount of aid : help from 1 000 € (for activities without employee) and of 1 500 € (1 or 2 employees). This grant would be funded up to 60 % by the Community of Communes of the Bay of Cotentin and 40 % by the region. The help request file is available from 18 May 2020, on the site ; For any request for information concerning this assistance, it is also possible to leave a message on the address : or by calling the dedicated number ·

The department of Manche also wished to support economic activity by creating the device "TPE Solidarity Channel 2020 ». He set up an aid of 500 € (within the limit of loss compensation) complementing the National Solidarity Fund.

The beneficiaries of the “Manche Solidarité TPE 2020 : Being a trader, artisan, liberal profession, or other economic agent, and have benefited from the Solidarity Fund for April 2020

To benefit from this assistance from the Department of La Manche, complete the form available at the following address :

For any information, companies can also contact the services of the department : or 02 33 06 69 01

These are the main aids, however, regional aid for businesses that existed before the health crisis can still be activated and some have even been provided with additional funds..